Handmade of nicely flamed maple and aged mountain spruce. Expert craftsmanship and accurate graduation produce an instrument with a well-balanced tone. Slightly shaded spirit varnish is elegantly applied to natural points of wear.
HGVW2 • Heinrich Gill Monza Model Violin

We continue to deliver quality without compromise… quality that players appreciate with their eyes as well as their ears! Every detail is considered and executed with care. The result is the LeMans model, an acoustical and artistic work of art!
HGVW3 • Heinrich Gill LeMans Model Violin

This is where we start. Our workshop is the center of our daily work. The main room has plenty of sunlight all day long. Communication is free and easy – it is the perfect place to exchange ideas. Each member of our team has many years of training and experience. They have developed an outstanding ability to combine their creativity, their sense of the raw materials, as well as their highly developed making skills. The result can be seen in our student models.
HGV54 • Heinrich Gill Student Model Violin